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FDI offers sales marketing programs, over-all profitability review, inventory control and viability of the business evaluations. Specializing in marketing consulting for potted foliage, flowering plants to growers and cutting and seed suppliers assisting them in the following areas. Call today and lets talk how we can achieve your goals. 


  • #2001 -Marketing programs, availability lists, price lists, fliers, sale presentation booklets and internet programs.

  • #2002 -Crop evaluation, inventory control and salability of product review.

  • #2003 -Photography - The good, the bad, today and more. 

  • #2004 -Website review, design and implementation.

  • #2005 -Designing and developing upgraded plants and planters.

  • #2006 -Everyday business practice review including new customer forms, etc. 

  • #2007 -Logistics review. 

  • #2008 -Sales quotes, promotional programs, pre-booking applications. 

  • #2009 -Overall nursery snapshot review.

  • #2010 -Implement Hot Sheet Promotions.

  • #2011 -Management and team review.

  • #2012 -Marketing strategies and forecasting sales.

  • #2013 -Trade show booth design and marketing packages.

  • #2014 -Care tag, upc and plant care information review.

  • #2015 -Educational floral care programs for growers customers.

  • #2016 -Targeting the right customers, review customer types and who should you be going after. 

  • #2017 -Offering your customers a floral department photographed inspection and more.

  • #2018 -Pulling product: when is it ready and when is it not. 

  • #2019 -Communication between grower and customer; are we pulling what our customers expect?

  • #2020 -Business review; evaluation of over-all business practices, inventory and viability of your business. 

FDI Consulting

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