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FDI is now offering floral retailers house plant seminars, training, care and handling programs for warehouse and in-store floral department team members. Let us custom tailor an educational floral program for your team members to increase sales and bring some excitement to your floral departments. My Care plant tip sheets,  custom care and handling fliers, care cards, posters and booklets also available. 

The following are some of the topics and seminars offered:


  • ​#1001 -Care and handling of potted house plants 101.

  • #1010 -Care and handling of potted flowering plants 101.

  • #1020 -Care and handling of cactus and succulents 101.

  • #1030 -Care and handling of holiday plants 101.

  • #1040 -Care and handling of springtime tropical patio plants 101.

  • #1041 -Receiving and inspecting of potted plants.

  • #1042 -When to mark down and when to discard?

  • #1043 -Merchandising, displays and signage.

  • #1044 -How to detect insects and disease.  What to do about it?

  • #1045 -Logistics; LTL and full truckloads, cubing, sleeving, boxing, racking and temperature control. 

  • #1050 -Holiday record keeping. The good and the bad.

  • #1051 -Review and implementation of companies policies, procedures, rules and regulations. 

  • #1052 -Paying the right price.  Having the right variety mix.

  • #1053 -Availability and product requirement request sheets for growers.

  • #1054 -Identification, care of everyday and new plant varieties, and methods of growing.

  • #1055 -B2B ideas; options for business to business providing more sales at no extra cost.

  • #1056 -Multiple Doors; the must in today's business for increase sales opportunities for the independent and chain retailers. 

  • #1057 -Communication between buyer and grower; is grower pulling what buyer ordered and expect? Size, color, ppp, etc.

  • #1058 -Retailers snapshot department review and recommendations.

  • #1059 -Should you expand, cut back, merge or close?  An over-all business viability evaluation.  

Top 10 My-Care Plant Tips Brochure

Tip Sheet #101- "ReceivIng House Plants"




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