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John GenovesI is available for speaking engagements to retailers, growers and wholesalers. He is  available for conventions, trade shows, associations, events planners and other floral business's. 


With over 47 years experience, John can share with the audience many ways to improve upon the knowledge one would have of their business applications. The more knowledgable you have about your industry, the more effective you can be. John will motivate you, your team members and fellow industry friends in finding the passion again that started you in your business.


Here are just a few samples of the topics available. We can also create a custom engagement for you and your organization:



  1. Multiple Doors - How to survive today, increase sales and bottom line profits?

  2. Get the spark back in your floral business.  

  3. How to excite your customers to buy more floral?

  4. How to train, delegate and build your team? 

  5. How to add to your bottom line without spending more? 


Contact John today for additional topics, availability and pricing. 


FDI Consulting

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